Professional Life
Dinosaurs Are Better
Founder 2014 - Current
Notable projects: Liikkuva Ainola, IronDanger
VFX Artist 2015 - Current
Notable projects: Quantum Break
Game Artist 2014 - 2015
Notable projects: Spooky Pop
Rovio Entertainment
Technical Director, Art Director 2011 - 2014
Notable projects: Angry Birds Toons, Retry
Studio Kombo
Founding Member 2007 - 2011
Notable projects: Nokia Nonstop Living, Nokia Swipe, Ella & Aleksi - yllätyssynttärit, Where Once We Walked, The Cosmic Avenger
Game Artist 2003 - 2007
Notable projects: Pathway to Glory, Pathway to Glory Ikusa Islands, Warhammer 40 000 Squad Command
Professional Life
Heaven or Hell is Just a State of Mind
Osmo Ikonen
A music video created for Osmo Ikonen. I planned using copies of the band members on the background, but Osmo actually plays almost all instruments on his albums himself!.
Distorted Love
Petteri Sariola - Phases
A music video created for Petteri Sariola, insanely talented guitar virtuoso.
All By Myself
Osmo Ikonen - Stories From Within
Live recording session with Osmo Ikonen & Petteri Sariola at Soundtrack Studios. With a twist.
Gruuvit Tiu Kalla
Musculöser Körper - Groovit Tiukalla
Trippy music video created for my brother's band. Shot on a DSLR camera. Visit the band's website.
Pieni ja Ihmeellinen
Retropop - Pieni ja Ihmeellinen
A music video created for the band Retropop by Lauri Konttori and I. We tried to get away without having to create anything on computer. I think we did well!
Pooma - Persuader
A music video created for the band Pooma by me in the fall 2007. This video is shot on our summer cottage.
Musculöser Körper - Groovit Tiukalla
Trippy music video created for my brother's band. I have always wanted to make a music video with one long, crazy take. Visit the band's website.
Zarkus - Love Tracks
My first music video. It was created for a multi-talented artist Zarkus Poussa. The lead act was done by artist himself and the leading lady was played by actress Minna Puolanto.
Professional Life
Angry Birds Rigging
Angry Birds Rigging

In this presentation I describe the creation of the 3D-like rigging in Adobe After Effects to produce 2D animation with hand-drawn qualities for "Angry Birds Toons".
Ugly to the Bone
The animation that I created as an extra piece for my graduation thesis from Lahti University of Applied Sciences - The Institute of Design. The background painting was done by artist Pekka Veikkolainen and the sound design was done by Joonatan Portaankorva. Visit the project blog.
No Bullsh**
No Bullsh** gallery

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