Hello! My name is Jussi-Petteri Kemppainen. I am a director / 3D artist / VFX artist / game designer!

You can find links to my various works on this page. Please scroll down!

Selected Works

Professional Life

A list of various companies and projects I have been involved with. For a more complete list, take a look at my Linkedin profile.

Mainframe industries

Lead VFX Artist


VFX lead position on an Unreal Engine MMO.

Projects at Mainframe
  • TBA
Action Squad Studios

Game director

2016 -2021

At Actions Squad Studios I lead the production of Iron Danger: Shard of Time, a tactical puzzle combat game.

Dinosaurs Are Better


2014 –

My films / game production studio focused on creating original content.

Projects at dAb
  • Trafficking, a mystery adventure game
  • Character re-design for Pikku Kakkonen
  • Ystävien Aapinen AR book content
  • Come With Me AR book content
  • Graphic design for 4GoodGames
  • Graphic design for Ubisoft

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Co-founder, creative director

2015 – 2017

VAU is a visual automation company focused on video automation tools.

Projects at VAU
  • Unannounced Unity engine feature

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VFX artist

2015 – 2016

I worked at Remedy on the cutscene visual effects and motion graphics for Quantum Break

Projects at Remedy
  • Marketing videos VFX
  • Remedy logo animation

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3D artist

2014 – 2015

I worked at Supercell as a graphics consultant on a project that was never released.

Projects at Supercell
  • Spooky Pop

Technical director, art director

2011 – 2014

At Rovio I was the technical director and founder of Rovio Animation studio and art director at LVL11 prototyping department.

Projects at Rovio
Studio Kombo


2007 – 2011

Kombo was an animation studio founded by me, Lauri Konttori, Salla and Ilmari Hakkola.


3D artist

2003- 2007

At Redlynx I worked on a few N-Gage titles and one PSP game.

Projects at Redlynx

Music Videos

A selection of music videos I have either directed or been involved in otherwise.

Awards & Nominations

Quantum Break

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Real-Time Project: Nominee

Nokia N9 ”Swipe”

The FWA: Site of the Day 4.1.2012

Hyvää Syntymäpäivää

Uneton 48: audience choice

Uneton 48: finalist

Distorted Love

Muuvi 2009: shortlist


OMVF 2008: honorary mention

Pieni ja Ihmeellinen

Muuvi 2007: audience choice

Nokia Non Stop Living

Cannes Lions 2008: Shortlist

The FWA: Site of the Day 8.10.2007

Vuoden huiput 2007: Honorary Mention


OMVF 2006: honorary mention